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Expanding the power
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What we do

We are Greek Brands AKES, a fresh and dynamic Venture Capital Fund born to empower Greek companies producing brandable goods and operating in Greece, grow their business internationally, by maximizing their export potential. By supporting portfolio companies in their development and expansion stage and by assisting them with synergies and internationalization, our ultimate goal is to generate value and return for both founders and investors across the world.

Where we invest

Ideas born out of passion and innovation are always what we strive to support. We believe Greek minds can thrive in any sector. Our investments focus mainly on Greek SMEs which operate in the following industries:


With a longstanding legacy as a major export sector for the Greek economy, food and agriculture maintains its dynamic, fast growing pace taking advantage of its primary production.


Craft specialization has been an age-old sector in Greece. Although leather goods, jewellery, clothes, ceramics, furniture and more have been marked by a decline since 2008, signs of rebirth are clearly shown.


Greek innovative thinking has surged over the last few years with new and upcoming ideas that are brought into life in the field of small and mid-sized handicrafts.


Being abundant in natural materials fundamental to the production of high quality cosmetics, Greek manufacturers become more and more creative in their mission for natural and organic innovation of the industry.


The industry rose to a striking €2.9 billion in 2020 of Greek pharmaceutical exports corresponding to 9.4% of total Greek exports of goods. Despite the challenges pharmaceutical companies face, they have not fallen short of their dynamic character.


Private healthcare sector in Greece has very significant growth margins. The need for upgrading services combined with the prioritization of prevention foretell a very dynamic future for the industry.

How we invest

We are driven by our main objective to maximise capital appreciation and deliver superior risk- adjusted investment returns. We do this by adopting portfolio management methods that limit risk but without eliminating the possibility of earning superior returns. The companies we select to invest in are chosen after following a step by step process.

Who we are

We are an outstanding diverse team of different industry and cross-border experience with a vision to turn innovative thinking and valuable ideas into thriving businesses.


Brand Building

Our Brand Building Team combines years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, sales and finance. Its objective is to provide day to day support and empowerment of existing functions of our client companies, so as to ultimately bring in a defining improvement of shares and surplus value.

Financial Needs Analysis Team

Our Financial Needs Analysis Team employs expertise, specialised know-how and advanced methodologies to analyze and provide timely and valid provision of our client companies’ financial data, and accordingly propose solutions in collaboration with management teams, that contribute decisively to their growth.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Team participates as an assisting consultant with experience and expertise on their side, so as to put into practice models and tools suitable for defining our client companies’ position at any time, and to study it in comparison to local and international competition, so as to plan strategic improvement moves, when and where these are deemed necessary.

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